Justice Remains Elusive

I began this blog years ago with this idea that people go to court seeking justice, but find this pursuit to be daunting. Justice was elusive to a vast number of litigants. This was especially true in the family law arenas: divorce, custody, child support, timesharing, grandparent visiataion, and neglect & abuse proceedings. A decade has past and, based on my experience with more litigants than I can count, justice remains elusive.

That is why I am excited to take my law degree plus my courtroom and litigation experience and combine it with my prior career in the human services field to offer mediation services with an emphasis on family conflict resolution. I have seen the incredible value of mediation that is well done and I am convinced that mediation is the best hope for those in litigation or in conflict outside the courts to find what they actually seek.

Mediation has worked effectively in all conflict scenarios where two or more parties have reached an impasse: couples, teens and parents, students with students, students and teachers, business to business, co-workers, employers and employees, roommates, and the list goes on. I am so passionate about this service and the potential it offers to anyone who are in conflict that I offer an affordable fee scale to qualifying parties. Call or email me to learn more – and don’t wait until you are actually in a lawsuit; mediation is the best way to avoid the expense of litigation.