Alliance Peacemaking: Conflict Coach

I have benefited immensely from the alternative conflict resolution training offered by Alliance Peacemaking. Even though I am already a certified Family and Divorce Mediator in Kentucky, I have sharpened skills, gained insights, and adopted some effective approaches through the training that enhance my practice. The first level training is available and beneficial to everyone, whether or not they wish to become a mediator; anyone wishing to improve communication, relationships, and their spiritual walk.

I am now a certified Conflict Coach through Alliance Peacemaking. This means I am qualifited through the Christian & Missionary Alliance to provide that first level training which is called Resolving Everyday Conflict (REC). This is NOT part of my practice as a lawyer and mediator, but a ministry and a way of serving. REC is an incredible one day training for any group and especially for churches or para-churh ministries. The training can prepare someone to go on to the next level training but it is also perfect for anyone who wishes to improve relationships and more effectively work through both normal and pronounced conflict.

I am glad to offer the REC training to any group interested in learning and applying these skills. It is not limited to churches because any group of people who are in contact with one another over time experiences some degree of conflict. How that conflict is addressed makes the difference between that group uniting or merely co-existing. So, in addition to churches, this training is a great resource to businesses who want to improve morale and who are open to a Christian approach.

The worst case scenario for a church is when the congregation is torn apart becase conflict is handled poorly or avoided all together. Churches are especially vulnerable to such toxic results because of the desire to overlook any offenses in brotherly and sisterly love. REC training can help church members, lay shepherds, elders and pastoral staff step into the conflict early and lovingly. Even if the conflict seems to have gone too far, Alliance Peacemaking offers help to heal such fractures in churches.

I especially encourage lay shepherds, elders, ministry leaders and pastoral staff to consider the REC training and also the Conflict Coach training. Resolving conflict and bringing about reconciliation is at the heart of the gospel and will strengthen the church body.