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A Legal Team Dedicated to Your Business

Starting or owning a business is a wonderful thing! But, let’s face it, your ‘To-Do” list can pile up quick. You already have a lot on your plate as a business owner, so the last thing you may be thinking about is the legal needs of your business. Having a trusted legal team in your corner is one of the best investments you can make. It is our experience that preparation and prevention is much less expensive than intervention once a lawsuit occurs. Taking a proactive approach by seeking legal assistance provides you peace of mind knowing your assets are protected should you be faced with a legal dispute. You want a team that can do more than just file paperwork or represent you in court. You need a team dedicated to reaching your goals and a team that will grow with you.

Here are 3 guidelines to consider when choosing the right legal team:

  1. What kind of Lawyer does your business need?

In general, knowing the needs of your business makes all the difference. It is important to know the legal needs of your business as you seek to hire a legal team. For example, even if your business only requires general services such as filing paperwork to trademark your business, drafting business documents/contracts, or preparing agreements, there are legal “ins and outs” that not every lawyer will be savvy to but that can impact you down the road. So while any lawyer can likely draft a basic contract, you want a lawyer who is willing to apply their bigger picture experience to even your basic documents. And, if you are seeking more specific or complicated services such as succession planning, long term consultation, cross border taxation, specific licenses/certifications then you want to find a lawyer who is also equipped to handle such endeavors.

2. Does your Lawyer know your specific niche/market?

In order to get the best legal advice, you want to make sure your legal team knows and understands your specific niche. Knowing your legal team has the necessary experience to handle your specific business needs can make all the difference. For example, if your specific business is online transactions, you want a legal team who has a specialized understanding of cyber laws. If you’re niche is highly specialized and requires a fair amount of regulation, make sure your legal team knows what you need specific to your business. However, such expertise is not always readily available or affordable. So, you want a lawyer who is willing to admit when they do not know something, but will do the research and find the resources to give you the same competent help.

3. The right size law firm with the right fee structure.

Make sure you’re asking questions to get an understanding of the law firm size and fees so you can ensure a “good fit” for your business. As your business grows and evolves, you want a legal team that can adapt to your specific business needs. It is easy to assume that the fancier the law offices look, the smarter the lawyer. But if we have learned anything in 2020 it is that the companies that stay lean and adaptable are the ones that thrive. The same is true for law firms. It is not the mahogany desk or marble tiles that make the lawyer, it is the persistent and drive to provide excellence that makes the difference.

Choosing the right legal team for your business offers you the peace of mind in knowing your business and assets are protected. At Troutman & Napier, we have over 30 years of experience in business law and provide a multitude of services to help our clients accomplish their goals. Choose a legal team who is serious about your success and works hard to meet the needs of your business.

We are more than just lawyers; we are your counselors.

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More than just a lawyer, we are your counselors

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