Bankruptcy Protection: Helping You Achieve A Fresh Financial Start

For those troubled by heavy debt burdens, the constant call of creditors and bill collectors, the embarrassment of substantial debts, and the feeling that there is no avenue for help all add up to an unshakeable sense of frustration, anger and resignation.

At Troutman & Napier, PLLC, we know the numerous financial struggles facing many people in Lexington and throughout Kentucky. Whether you're saddled with credit card debts that only get bigger or you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, our attorneys, including Gregory A. Napier, want to remind you that there are options out there that may help you take control of your debts and achieve a fresh start.

The Benefits Of Bankruptcy

Most people simply don't understand the benefits bankruptcy has to offer. Oftentimes they assume that bankruptcy is a form of punishment rather than a tool. At our firm, we want to help debunk some of these myths and give people the information they need to make smart decisions.

Depending on your circumstances, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can offer numerous protections, get creditors off your back, reorganize your debts and ultimately help you discharge debts so you can begin anew with a clean slate.

Some other bankruptcy benefits include:

  • Putting a hold on foreclosure proceedings which can help you stay in your home
  • An automatic stay goes into place which prevents creditors from calling you or contacting you
  • There are numerous exemptions which allow you to keep your personal property (with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, people assume they will be forced to give up their personal property to pay back creditors)
  • With Chapter 13, you can pay down debts over a three- to five-year repayment period which allows you to get caught up gradually

When you hire us, we will sit down with you, review your case, offer advice and help you come up with a plan. Our lawyers have built their reputations on being honest and straightforward. If bankruptcy isn't the best option for you, we'll say so. If we find alternatives, we'll outline those options.

Furthermore, we can help you understand which debts are dischargeable and which are not. For example, most student loans, unpaid child support and certain types of other debts cannot be discharged.

Let's Talk During A Confidential Consultation

Instead of resigning yourself to a life of dealing with debt, learn how you can achieve a fresh financial start through bankruptcy protection. Call us at 859-253-0991 to schedule a consultation at our Lexington law office.

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