Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

Gradually Pay Down Debts And Protect Your Home And Property

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Whether you’re a small business owner who’s fallen on tough financial times or you are a homeowner and simply can’t keep up with your mortgage payments, there’s no question that a heavy debt burden affects all aspects of your life — whether it’s personally, professionally or financially.

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Paying Down And Discharging Debt Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A big difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that with Chapter 13 (often referred to as a wage-earner’s plan), debtors don’t liquidate assets to repay creditors. Instead, you will pay down debts gradually over a three- to five-year repayment plan. At the end of your repayment period, remaining qualifying debts will be discharged.

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Benefits and advantages to filing for Chapter 13 protection include:

  • Save your home from foreclosure by catching up on delinquent mortgage payments
  • Make up for missed payments on other debts, including car loans, etc.
  • An automatic stay goes into place shielding debtors from creditor harassment
  • Restructuring of outstanding debts enables debtors to get a handle on their finances, consolidate their debts and come up with a practical repayment schedule where payments are made to a Chapter 13 trustee rather than each individual creditor
  • Debtors hold on to unsecured assets that may be liquidated during Chapter 7 filings
  • At the end of the repayment period, qualifying debts that have not been satisfied may be discharged

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