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What to do it you're injured at work.

Going in for a typical day of work, most people almost never think about what steps you should take should an accident occur. However, accidents do happen and it is important to know what steps to take when injured at work.

Below are the steps you should take if you sustain an injury at work:

  1. Seek medical attention – be sure to inform medical staff that you were injured at work and how you were injured.


2. Notify your employer that you have been injured on the job – you need to give your employer notice of your injury as soon as possible. Failing to do this quickly may give your employer and their insurance company grounds to deny your claim and benefits.


3. Document everything for your employer – As you notify your employer, it is critical that everything surrounding your injury is documented as accurately as possible. For example, how the injury was sustained, what equipment may have been involved, who witnessed the accident, etc.


By taking these steps quickly you are able to protect your rights to income, medical benefits, and job retraining. By taking these steps there is no question later as to whether the injury was sustained at work or not.


4. Document everything for yourself – Along with the documentation you have provided your employer, be sure to collect personal documentation that may be needed later. For example, days missed at work, out of pocket expenses, loss of income, etc.


5. Contact an attorney as soon as possible – the process workers compensation claims can be complicated and your employer (and their insurance company) may not be cooperative or even actively working against you. Be sure to hire an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process to get you’re the relief you need.

If you have been injured at work, following these steps will benefit you in getting the appropriate relief you need moving forward. At Troutman & Napier, we are here to help you navigate the process of your injury claim. We want you to focus on your recovery and getting back on your feet. Let us represent you in your case and seek the benefits you are entitled to.

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