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CARES Act and SBA Loans Update

Small businesses are facing unprecedented economic hardships with the enforced shutdowns due to the coronavirus crisis. The CARES Act was passed with sweeping provisions to help small businesses remain the backbone of our economy. So, we want to get updated information to business owners. Check out our video on Facebook or on YouTube for a discussion regarding the Paycheck Protection Program and the Emergency Economic Injury Grant (loan). Follow us to continue to receive timely information to help your business thrive. For more information on those two programs and for the Small Business Debt Relief Program you can also go ...
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Saving Your House: Mortgage Business Loans

I speak with many small business owners who have weathered tough financial struggles in their businesses and need some sort of relief. Inevitably, at least one business loan has insisted on a second mortgage against their house. This becomes problematic if the business person is forced into bankruptcy as a last resort and also wants to keep his or her residence. There are two possible sources of relief, only one of which do I address in this post and I am not going to touch on a Chapter 11 at all because that is nearly always to expensive for a small ...
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